Nov 212011
Also a little sad.


If I’ve said it once I’ve said a million times: there just isn’t an outlet these days for conservative sociopaths to spew words at the masses – especially when those conservative sociopaths are rich, whiny, narcissistic women, too.

Not to worry: Victoria Jackson is back on the scene with some terrible internet teevee thing called “Politichicks,” in which she blathers about real issues conservative ladies are faced with today…surrounded by a sad panel of three somewhat regretful-looking women who grimace through her ukulele-mutilating and shouting because…well, you never know. “This could be my big break?” Episode 1 – “released” last week – is about gays, Muslims, librul meat-eaters, Sharia law, bullying (?) and god knows what other horrors:

A few observations:

  1. Jennie Jones (far left) is quite clearly filled shame and remorse. While these dummies yammer on, she is reevaluating each and every choice she has made in life that led her to where she is right at this moment.
  2. Jannique Stewart (right of Jackson), however, was perhaps told that this gig is an “actual thing” and that the topics of conversation are “worth investigating seriously.” Ah, jernalizm.
  3. Ann-Marie Murrell (far right) has clearly been rejected from the Fox News cheerleader anchor tryouts – tough break, Ann-Marie. She was, however, smart enough to pick some rejected talking points off the cutting-room floor. So now everything that Rupert Murdoch looks at and says “hmm, too crazy” or “not good enough” to, will quite likely end up being the subject matter of this nightmare of a production.

Still not utterly ashamed to be a woman? Episode 2 is even better. Happy gawking!



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