May 082012
Cognitive Dissonance
Used without permission.

Have you been listening to the assholes over at Cognitive Dissonance?? This is the best podcast ever created. I shamelessly promote them for you now.

In their weekly rants, they occasionally have something fairly insightful to say! One such instance was when they were discussing this article about 150 schoolgirls in Afghanistan being poisoned by the Taliban, because, you know, girls shouldn’t go to school and all.

TOM: I’ve heard the argument many times that Islam is a more respectful religion to women than a lot of other Western religions because, you know, they treat their women with respect, and there’s this reverence of women which is inherent in Islam, and, you know, you hear the lip service – and I’ve heard that so many times – and that is impossible to reconcile with the reality. And this is not one of those situations where you can say, “Well, you know, but you’re looking at it from a different culture,” and a different culture’s viewpoint is suspect when you’re viewing it outside, and I’m sympathetic to that notion. But 150 Afghan schoolgirls poisoned for trying to learn things!

Women are not a minority group. They’re half! When they’re treated like a minority group, that’s an insult in the first place. When you can say – when you even have to have a conversation that starts off with, “Well, this is how we treat women.” No, I mean, you can have a conversation about how you treat dogs. You can have a conversation about how you treat hamsters. Right? You can have a conversation about how we treat subordinate animals in our lives. You can’t have a reasonable conversation about how your culture treats half its population.

CECIL: If you’re treating [them] different than the other half, you’re doing it wrong.

Sometimes it takes a couple of asshole fuckwits to put it so simply, so beautifully.

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