Mar 152013

MSNBC. What is it? I mean, besides the channel next to the channel that your hotel room teevee  automatically shows when you turn it on.

See, your GoddamnLiberal went from being 100% sucker to only 50% sucker when she told Comcast to shove it and gave up the boob tubes, but kept the internetz, years ago. Prior to that time, MSNBC had become a channel that I did not mind having on at home in the background or whatever. Rachel Maddow, being a Beautiful Intelligent Lesbian Lady (a BILL, if you will), hosts the only MSNBC show that I did and still do watch religiously. But there used to be Keith Olbermann (remember him?), and then Lawrence O’Donnell showed up, and he was tolerable for a while…

But seriously, what the fuck has happened at MSNBC lately? It has become a very sad joke. (RM excluded, of course.) The Cycle? Martin Bashir? These shows are terrible, and MSNBC’s journalistic integrity has degraded as a result of them. I can’t even bear to watch most shows on the channel any more, not even at a very low volume.

The worst offender? Ed mother-fuckin’ Schultz. The word is out now that his primetime slot is being given to Chris Hayes, of Up with Chris Hayes – you know, that show that you never ever watch because it’s on at 8 in the morning on Saturdays and Sundays?

The boohoos from the left have been a little bit surprising. Yes, Schultz has been a champion for workers’ issues, and I get that this is not a “Is he a good guy or a bad guy?” kind of an issue, but libruls, how is it that almost all of you have forgotten about (or forgiven him for?) the little incident in which he called a lady pundit a slut because, you know, he was all fired up and you know menz, sometimes they just need to yell and shriek and call ladies sluts, no big deal!

No. Big deal! We all have different issues that we’re passionate about, and Schultz’s is the working class, not women’s rights, right? Wrong. Workers’ rights are women’s rights, dummy. Because we are workers! And I’m sorry to say a slip of the tongue like that reveals a lot, IMO, about how he really feels.

So, okay, PoliticusUSA, what’s your beef?

The reason why Chris Hayes is moving to 8 PM is because MSNBC thinks that they can attract more viewers by not talking about issues that impact the working class.

Is that right? Seems odd, but okay…

The New York Times has the skinny on why Ed Schultz was moved to weekends, “The change is predicated on the belief that MSNBC can win a wider audience with Mr. Hayes than it did with Mr. Schultz, a champion of the working class whose bluster didn’t always pair well with Ms. Maddow and the channel’s other prime-time program, “The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell.” Mr. Hayes, on the other hand, is just as wonky as Ms. Maddow and Mr. O’Donnell, and is a regular contributor to both of their programs.”

MSNBC thinks that their viewers don’t want to hear about working class issues, so they dumped Ed Schultz for a man whose only familiarity with the term blue collar comes from books and shirt colors. White intellectual progressives are overjoyed by this move, but the execs at MSNBC don’t seem to have any clue about who is actually running the left now.

Do tell! Who is “running the left”? (Isn’t it Soros?)

White progressives aren’t in charge anymore.

Oh, fuck!

The Obama coalition of women, African-Americans, Hispanics, gays, and young people is powering the left. If MSNBC really wanted to reach a broader audience, they would have promoted someone who looks and sounds like that audience into prime time. There is not a single non-white host on cable news between 8-11 PM ET. This trend will continue with Chris Hayes.

But what if I am a white progressive and a woman? Am I still in charge??

Okay, everybody just calm the fuck down for a minute. I hear you – sort of. What does the working class want more: a Hannity figure, someone to get them all fired up about shit? Or a nuanced discussion of the issues? Maybe it’s because I am looking down at the blue collar working class from my tall, Ivory Tower – squinting, really, I mean they look like ants from up here! – but I say they (we!) deserve the latter. Ed Schultz, take your ridiculous texting polls and go back to Air America or whatever.

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  1. the left is bieng run by gays and young people who want to become celebrity's by being

    photographed naked

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