Mar 182013

Washed-up grifter Ralph Reed has been popping up, oh, once a year or so, to remind us that he is still not in jail and has some things he would like to say at you.

This time it is about teh gayz.

Take it away, Right Wing Watch:

Reed proceeded to cite some unnamed CEO who claimed to have studied the most productive staff in the company and discovered that “the number one determinant of how hard they worked and how dedicated they were” was coming from an intact, loving family.

Of course, that might lead one to ask how exactly that is supposed to be an argument against gay marriage, since gay marriage would only lead to the creation of more intact, loving families, but Reed wasn’t buying it because “we have not tested that thesis on a national level.”

Apparently the anecdotal evidence that Reed gleaned from some anonymous CEO was very convincing but the idea that gay families could also produce productive, hard working citizens was too untested and so it would be dangerous to “tinker” with the institution of marriage so “willy-nilly.”

Haha, did you catch that? We cannot let gays get married because the effect on society has not been measured!

So should we let them get married, you know, just so we can conduct such a study?

No, because we do not know what will happen, because it has not been studied.

And so on!

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