Mar 242013

Useful idiots. They’re everywhere, amirite? Especially in a nation with a gazillion Christians. Some portion of these Christians are fully deranged, and some even smaller portion of those deranged Christians manage to have successful careers in academia. (Murika!)

Like this lady, here, Professor Carol Swain from Vanderbilt University, who has reached the Mecca of insane religious people with a right-wing political agenda by appearing as some sort of authority on something on Fox News.

We all know there’s a War on Easter, right? Right? Because Bill-O said it they other night, on the teevee, and therefore it is so. So now we must “discuss” this War on Easter as if it is a Thing and that’s what Ms Swain is here to do.

Via Crooks and Liars:

Watters asked, “What effect do you think this has on children growing up? Are they gonna grow older and realize this was all nonsense? Or do you think this is going to stick with them and they’re gonna pass this kind of stuff on to their kids?”

Swain replied:

It all depends on what the Christians in America do. The last survey that I saw, 78% of Americans profess to be Christians. If they are Christians, they should not be participating in pagan egg hunts. If Easter is removed from the egg hunts, then it’s a meaningless pagan holiday. And they need to sit down and have a heart-to-heart with their children. And they need to begin to speak up. We, the people, need to speak up and fight for our traditions and values. We need to organize, use social media and boycott.

Social media! Boycott! Because…pagan egg hunts! Wait – what? Sometimes the stupid is just too painful.


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