We Are Terrorists

 Posted by on 22 Jun 2013  War: What Is It Good For?
Jun 222013

The United States of Kill-'Em-All-and-Let-Allah-Sort-'Em-OutWhy is this even a controversial statement?

Quiz time! Who are we at war with? Afghanistan? Not really. The Taliban? Sort of. Is that who we officially declared war on though? No, dummies, that was Terror, remember? Oh also, no official declaration, as you know.

Perhaps this seems to some a tired, old topic that we got over discussing in like 2002, but humor me: how does one fight a war on terror? And if you say, “by targeting terrorists,” then what about if they’re not all located in one vulnerable, impoverished, politically-fractured country like Afghanistan, where we’ve put down our boots?

Is there such a thing as International Law? Eh, who knows. And if we’re going into other countries – like Yemen and Pakistan (which we are) – to kill these people how do those countries feel about that? Do you think they like it? Yes/No?

You might say sure, they like it, because we are killing bad guys, and nobody wants terrorists murderers in their neighborhoods, right? Except, oh, we mostly have no idea who we are killing, so just maybe we’re doing good?

Well, I think perhaps we could measure that. First, take the number of people in northern Pakistan who, instead of running for their goddamn lives when they see a drone overhead, look up at the drone and point to the terrorist with one hand as they give a thumbs up with the other. Divide that by the number of civilians who have been killed in this manner, and multiply the whole thing by the number of terrorists still left in the world. Zero times eleventy hundred times about a million times whatever the number was in 2001 and you have how much good we are doing in the Middle East. Zero.

Below is a story done by the Young Turks on the new documentary out from Brave New Foundation. Watch it, then watch the documentary, or just watch the documentary here. Do whatever the fuck you want, but we can’t ignore this shit anymore.

[Photo: Boiling Frogs / Videos: Young Turks, Brave New Foundation]

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