Sep 202013

Known black man Barack Obama is fanning the flames of racial tension again.

What did he do this time, you ask? See, remember that Neighborhood Thug, Trayvon Martin, who was shot and killed for reasons involving freedom that we cannot possibly understand but definitely don’t have anything to do with race? Well, when that happened, ol’ Barry came out and was all, “Hey, that kid could have been my kid, and maybe America should not shoot so many unarmed black kids.”

It came out of nowhere. No really – it literally was unprecedented, because in 5 years of presidenting, Obummer has managed to basically say zero about his alleged blackness and to do even less than that for actual black people in America.

So the right wing was all, “How dare you bring race and guns into this thing that clearly does not involve race and guns?” The butthurt was palpable.

Fast forward to last Monday, when a big scary black man shot up a bunch of people in the Washington Navy Yard. Another tragedy, another black perpetrator (no, Trayvon was not the perpetrator, but that was really confusing because he is dead and could not speak at his own murder trial, so we just had to go with whatever Fox News told us). Will President Obama claim this one as his own also, too??

Aaron and Trayvon, Obama's lost sons

Wait – HUH? Is that logic airtight? Eh, sure. Seems legit. Dave Weigel has a bunch more like this if you are interested in seeing more derpy-doo. Cenk Uygur breaks down why perhaps comparing unarmed teenagers to homicidal maniacs does not make much sense:

[ Slate / The Young Turks ]

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